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  3. Your Console Collection?

    Currently I have a Xbox one,PS4,Xbox360,Nintendo 3Ds,N64 and Sega Dreamcast there is also a wii and wii-U but I don’t own those.
  4. Your Console Collection?

    I personally have PS4, XB1, Switch, Wii-U, Wii.... along with Playstation 1, N64, Super Nintendo, XBox (original), and Sega Genesis (retro remake)
  5. 1 Image. 1000 Words.

  6. 1 Image. 1000 Words.

  7. Emote Icon Requests

    Great I still have some the old smilies from the old site you can use for the Princess Luna category...majority is Luna but I have few more i made for Rarity,Rainbow dash,Octavia,Nightmare Moon,The dreaded pony canes and discord with more on the way. Ok this what I have right now: The others I will have edit to be smaller,expect this post to update with more later on.
  8. Party Tavi

  9. Emote Icons Added

    When I add a decent number of icons, I'll be sure to update this thread with the new icons
  10. Emote Icon Requests

    Rebuilding the smilie database, feel free to post/upload/attach an icon you'd like to request here. Try to keep it high quality and something square in shape (such as 64x64 pixels).
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