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  3. Server IP is simply Ponyville.co (default port) Survival Mode Hard Difficulty Large Biomes Essentials Mod (other stuff being added soon) For safety reasons, I'll be white listing the server soon, be sure to comment or PM your user name, and I'll add it to the list.
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  5. Your Console Collection?

    Currently I have a Xbox one,PS4,Xbox360,Nintendo 3Ds,N64 and Sega Dreamcast there is also a wii and wii-U but I don’t own those.
  6. Your Console Collection?

    I personally have PS4, XB1, Switch, Wii-U, Wii.... along with Playstation 1, N64, Super Nintendo, XBox (original), and Sega Genesis (retro remake)
  7. 1 Image. 1000 Words.

  8. 1 Image. 1000 Words.

  9. Emote Icon Requests

    Great I still have some the old smilies from the old site you can use for the Princess Luna category...majority is Luna but I have few more i made for Rarity,Rainbow dash,Octavia,Nightmare Moon,The dreaded pony canes and discord with more on the way. Ok this what I have right now: The others I will have edit to be smaller,expect this post to update with more later on.
  10. Party Tavi

  11. Emote Icons Added

    When I add a decent number of icons, I'll be sure to update this thread with the new icons
  12. Emote Icon Requests

    Rebuilding the smilie database, feel free to post/upload/attach an icon you'd like to request here. Try to keep it high quality and something square in shape (such as 64x64 pixels).
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