.:Cloud:. [Dork] by Meteor-Venture

Wallpaper based on a [PMV] that I'm rather fond of, known as Dork. If you've never watched it, I recommend checking it out. It's rather unique.   I just recreated the a few frames and mashed 'em together.
The cloud is just a bunch or circles I mashed together as well.

Alternate Version --> sta.sh/0rugogfyb0e

Applejack Version --> .: Apples :. [Dork]
Twilight Version --> .: Sparkle :. [Dork]Fluttershy Version --> .: Shy :. [Dork]Rarity Version --> .: Rare :. [Dork]Pinkie Pie Version --> .: Pink :. [Dork]

Copyright 2013-2014 Meteor-Venture

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