Add Emote Icons / Smilies To PV
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Adding Emote Icons is Simple. Go to the Main Homepage - and Click "Smiles" Which Will Have a Pinkie Pie Smilie Next to it.

Now That You're on the Smile Page, Just Hit "Browse", Select Your Emote Icon, Add a Title, and Smile Code.

- The Title Represents What The Icons is. Such as "Twilight Sparkle Smiling"

- The Code MUST BE Alpha-Numeric. No Spaces or Special Characters.

- If The Emote Icon Is A Pony, Simply Select That Pony From The Dropdown, or Just add to Your Personal Folder.

- A Description is Optional. This can be used to add Information About the Image, Such as Crediting and Linking to the Original Artist.

- Tags are Optional. They're helpful When Someone Searches the Site.

- If Everything Went Well, You'll Get a Popup Window Saying "Yay!"