General Role Play Rules And Guidelines
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Equestria is a wonderful place to explore and play in, but in order for your adventures to be fun and safe, there are a few rules that should be followed.

Be respectful of the threads posted. Do not attempt to take control of a thread that is not yours, if you wish to steer a story in your own direction, you should start your own thread. When replying in a thread, stay on the topic unless there is a good opportunity to change directions.

When setting a location for a role play, consider the canon of Friendship is Magic. If you wish to make the setting in a non-canon location, make sure all players agree to this and that the new area is something that could exist withing Equestria.

The entire site has a strict no NSFW rule, remember this when creating a thread or replying. Any posts found violating this rule will be deleted immediately. Note that this rule includes gruesome subject matter as well, such as gore and death.

If you wish to play as a canon character, an application must be submitted that includes the name, Cutie Mark, description, background, and Cutie Mark story of the character. Though most of us may know these stories already, it shows a dedication to the character and a willingness to include detail when playing the character. If the character you are applying for doesn't have much information, feel free to make it up! Not every application will be accepted, however, but you will be contacted with a notification and some ways to improve the application, at which point it may be resubmitted. All applications will be reviewed by the staff.

Currently, the following canon characters require an additional screening test to play as:

Princess Celestia

Princess Luna

Princess Cadence

Twilight Sparkle


Rainbow Dash

Pinkie Pie



King Sombra


Lord Tirek

Starlight Glimmer

When an application for one of these characters is submitted, applicant will be closely observed by staff to determine if they are a suitable match for the character. There will be a special screening test to determine the user's active ability to play the character and the staff will review it and decide to accept the application or not.

Be respectful of each other and have fun!