Captain Shining Armor Application
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Name: Captain Shining Armor

Sex: Colt

Age: Young Stallion

Species: Unicorn

Appearance: He is a young stallion, smaller than most others in the Guard, but probably more agile given

his build. His mane and tail are three shades of blue with a white coat.

Residence: The Crystal Empire

Occupation: Captain of the Royal Guard in service of Princess Luna and Princess Celestia

Cutie Mark: His cutie mark is a shield topped by three stars, A pinkish star nearly identical to

Twilight's cutie mark is in the center of the shield, may be hinting to his strong bond with his talented sister.

History: I was raised in Canterlot with my little sister a long time ago. When I was old enough, I went

to ROTC at Canterlot University. From there, I finished my guard training and started off as a guard

Lieutenant. I quickly rose through the ranks and ended up becoming the Captain of the Guard in Canterlot.

I proposed to my girlfriend at the time and then we got married, but before that could happen, a rather

interesting turn of events happened where she ended up being the Queen of the Changelings and the real

Cadence was trapped underground. We beat the queen and Cadancce and I were married. About a year or two later we

went to the Crystal Empire and attempted to restore it to its former glory but were attacked by King

Sombra. Luckily my little sister, Twilight Sparkle, helped beat back the tide and now the Crystal Empire

is ruled by wife Cadance and I