Lyra Heartstrings
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Lyra Heartstrings

Gender: Mare

Age: Mare

Species: Unicorn


Residence: Ponyville

Occupation: Lyrist, Instrument Technician

Cutie Mark and Cutie Mark Story: When Lyra was just a filly, she found her life lacking. She couldn't place her hoof on it, but something was wrong. She tried getting into many different activities - roller-skating, karate, hang-gliding, etc. - but nothing brought her the feeling of completeness that she needed. Finally, her parents decided to enroll their daughter in piano lessons. The second Lyra touched the keys, she knew that music was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. After only a few days, despite being horrible at playing the instrument, Lyra knew the workings of the piano like the back of her hoof. After years of bouncing from instrument to instrument, Lyra stumbled across a busted-up lyre in a second-hoof music store. She bought the instrument, took it home, and labored for days on it, repairing the dents, replacing the broken strings, and buffing the brass of the instrument until it shone. Finally, in a secluded park on an overcast day, Lyra picked up the lyre and began strumming it, playing a beautiful melody she couldn't herself identify. After finishing, Lyra looked around and saw that it had begun raining... Everywhere but over her head. Lyra joyfully rushed to her home, her cutie mark signifying the bond she'd made with her beloved lyre.

History: After discovering her love of music, Lyra enrolled herself in Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, graduating near the top of her class in music theory, and making a few friends along the way, whom she keeps in touch with. She then moved to Ponyville, where some of the stronger villagers helped her build her own house near the edge of town, where she lives to this day. From it, she runs an unofficial instrument repair and accessories shop, using her knowledge of the inner workings of musical instruments to fix and maintain a number of instruments, which she sometimes rents out.

Due to her semi-isolated location, ponies don't visit Lyra much; as a result, the mare has a lonely, slightly eccentric air about her. She is just as apt to stare into space, lost in thought, as she is to carry on a conversation, and she has a tendency to ramble when she speaks. Her educated youth has given her a vocabulary and knowledge of history beyond that of typical ponies, but she tends to keep her knowledge to herself rather than flaunt it.

Over the years, Lyra has adopted a cat from Fluttershy, named Alabaster, and made fast friends with Ponyville's resident confectioner, Bon-Bon. Generally an amiable, if slightly spacey, mare, Lyra is always up for new things, helping out wherever she can. But if anypony messes with Bon-Bon or Al, then they'll soon discover that music isn't the only thing Lyra learned at Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns...