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Octavia Melody

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Name: Octavia Melody

Sex: Mare

Age: Young Mare

Species: Earth Pony

Appearance: [IMG][/IMG]

Recidence: Ponyville

Occupation: Musician

Cutie Mark and Cutie Mark Story: As a young filly Octavia liked to play instruments but couldn't find the right one that fit her well. She tried various Triangle, The Drums, The violin, The Piano even but nothing fascinated her as much as she hoped. But one day Octavia's Mother brought home a present. A Cello and a Bowstring. Octavia immediately picked it up and began to play it like she's played it for an eternity. And soon her Cutie Mark appeared: A Violet Colored Treble Clef

History: Octavia Melody played the Cello everyday after obtaining it and her parents decided that maybe she could go to school for Musicians. Octavia, of course, was very hesitant and nervous at first, but the idea slowly warmed up to her. During her first day of school, she was nervous and rather scared as ponies didn't seem to like her accent, which upset Octavia very dearly. One particular filly however didn't mind, Her name was Vinyl Scratch. Vinyl was attending the same school to become a DJ and while Vinyl and Octavia were two musical opposites, they clicked together as close friends. During their time together, their friendship grew and grew. After both ponies graduated, they decided to obtain a house together where they now currently reside. Octavia makes a living as part of a Musical ensemble in Canterlot while her close friend Vinyl DJs at parties from time to time.

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To be truthful, this is great! Im not a mod, but I have a quick idea about the cutie mark story:
- Its kinda short, what you should do is add something like soon she won a talent show or something. Remember, Cutie Mark Stories are ponies important times! Whats yours?
Overall, its great! Keep it up!