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This thread is about Pony Hypnosis. These Hypnosis treatment's are for feeling like a pony and the pony of your choosing, whether it be the mane 6 to Vinyl Scratch to Octavia to Shining Armor and so on. It's commonly known as a stress reliever, reducing the stress in your body to a minimum.

The files that are currently available are as follows (but are subject to change):

- Main 6 Characters

- Shining Armor

- Octavia Melody

- Vinyl Scratch

Along with these special files:

- An Afternoon Flight

- Day at the Spa - (Species Available for this special file include: Earth Pony, Pegasus, Unicorn, Alicorn & BatPony)

However there could be side effect for some people and users who do Pony Hypnosis on an extreme basis. These Side Effects can be (but not limited to):

- Hooflock

- Accidental tulpa

- Temporary inability to walk

- Talking in a squeaky falsetto

These could range from mild to moderate and could be permanent. also the effect of the hypnosis doesn't take effect right away so give it a few tries before you get upset and don't feel it. I'd be happy to discuss more in detail in private if your interested and guide you to the files from there. happy hypnoponies

(P.s: Please do not let the Side Effects put you off. These mainly happen to those who take the hypnosis overboard. I also haven't included any download links for the reason(s) of that some users may "jump right into it" and then complain, because they lack the knowledge of Pony Hypnosis Safety)