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Here's just a broad list of ideas for PV3 fanfic section. Always looking for input to add more features, or remove some that sound useless and/or might cause problems.

- Update Blog: Each story has its own update blog where the artist can add entries saying whatever they need about their story such as "expect a new chapter next week" and so on.

- Buttons:

-- Bookmark button: users can create a list of bookmarks which saves that spot/chapter in a list of bookmarks - a user can then view their bookmark list and go back to that spot in the story later.

-- Favorite button: much like bookmarks, but this is a public list of favorite stories a person has - it helps to show what that persons interests are.

-- Report: Report offensive/stolen etc content

-- Hide: Hide any story you dislike for personal reasons, when that story may not necessarily be against the rules.

- In story buttons:

-- Font size / font type / Font color / background color: all these items can be set and saved by the reader to help make reading easier.

-- Mark this chapter/story as read: this button tells the writer you have read their chapter/story.

- Story statistics:

- # of words.

- # of views.

- # of likes. (PV3 will not have a dislike button, sorry).

- Story category (meaning science fiction, action, adventure etc)

- Characters in story/chapter (Twilight, Flutters etc)

- Location the story takes place (Ponyville, Equestria, some non-canon place)

- Rating (set by the artist, is it for everyone? Teen? Mature?)

- # of images used in the story, if used.

- Original publish date

- Number of updates, along with ability to add comments/notes about each update.


Other possible features:

- Round Robins: stories that can be edited and/or written by more than 1 person.

- Bits for reviews: the writer can offer bits for review writers - how this works, the writer can set the bits for reviews amount to 10 bits: once someone writes a review, the writer can approve it as a legit review, once approved, 10 bits are taken from the writer and given to the reader. (this transfer may only happen once per story)

- Random story button, simply click it and you'll be sent to a random story

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All of those things sound amazing, especially the round-robin feature; I've always wanted to do something like that but Fimfiction isn't too conducive to collaboration. The only thing I can see that's not really necessary is the image count. If the number of images in a fic is large enough to cause slowing, I feel like it should be up to the author to tell people that; while it's nice to have, it just doesn't seem all that useful.
But that's grasping at straws. Honestly, this sounds like a really cool thing to have!

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Bits for reviews... In my opinion, I think it it very wasteful... Who would spend bits just to read a post? (Unless if it has something to do with the site...)


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I agree with Vurse about the paying for reviews thing, though I do think a review section should exist, if anyone wants to post one. The reviews should be separated from the fic though, so they don't end up like Steam reviews and tarnishing or over praising works.